Gameplay Rules and Instructions:

1. All players start with 0 which is outside the grid number whether player starts in level 1 or 2. The first dice rolled by player will follow whatever the dice no is shown. Rolling a 3 will move the player to Grid with no 3. The grid nos in Dino Game are sequenced randomly sometime left to right or sometimes right to left as players are lost in the terrain/jungle.
2. Weapons collect in Dino game can only be use in the Dino game. All weapons are reset and removed in Level 2, The Fallen Kingdom.
3. If player manage to gather weapons like Machine Gun and Mini Gun and manage to find ammo for these weapons, player can kill dinosaurs 2 times.
4. If player manage to gather Sword, he is lucky as sword allows players to kill Dinosaurs unlimited number of times.
5. If player manage to find Shield, Shield prevent player from being attack but require to move back 1 space.
6. Finding Ammo in Dino game allows you to fit into any shooting weapons.
7. Stepping into "Sudden Death" means player is out of the game for 4 turns.
8. Reaching Grid no 48 in Dino Game means player has survive the Dino Game and can proceed to Level 2, The Fallen Kingdom.
9. If you land on a Branchisaures in Fallen Kingdom, you will have to slide down its long neck.
10. If you land on the Indorapter ,then you will lose a turn. If you land on a Valopsaraptor, you will have to move back five/5 spaces.
11. If you land on the ladder,you will be able to move and climb up.
12. Last but not least,if you land on the Mosarsaures, you will be swallowed up and fall down from Grid no 55 to Grid no 13. You will get a Chance roll and if the dice rolled is 4 to 6, you are safe. If the rolled dice is 1 to 3, you will continue to slide down from Branchisaures to Grid no 1. Bad Luck!
13. If player manage avoid all dangers and reach Grid no 60 in Fallen Kingdom, you made it and win the game!
Dinosaure Box