James Ng (Soccer Coach | Entrepreneur | Father)

Dear Parents, my name is James. I run a soccer school, am a soccer coach and a father of 2 kids. Due to the recent COVID 19 situation, the sports school has come to a standstill. However, I am inspired right now to launch a FRISCKids Imagination Learning program for parents and kids. Imagination is an integral part of FRISCKids philosophy (The letter I between the logo FRISC) and I have always encourage my kids to exercise their imagination and creativity through games and activities. In today's school system of rote learning, it's painful to see Imagination and creativity can sometimes be lacking, so I have come out with this learning program title "Unleash Imagination" to help parents gain the following:

(1) Imagination and creativity for your children

(2) Extra ideas for you with seven activities/games I regularly have fun playing with my family and kids

(3) Steps and guidance on how to create an actual boardgame using your kid's idea (My kids own design boardgame "Dino Game and Fallen Kingdom)

(4) Home Base Soccer Drills videos x4 with one video drill as the Star move can be taught to your kid (Optional)

That is to say, I very much like to support our own #SGUnited initiative during this time with 10% of donations in this program to support our front line workers in fighting the virus.