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A Jurassic “Snake and Ladder” like survival board game for family and 5 years old and above.

This game is designed by FRISCKids and is imported into Singapore.

The board game has two levels. The first level is Dino Game and the second level is Fallen Kingdom.

In Dino Game, you will have the chance to gather weapons before you embark on your survival journey into the terrains and jungles. Weapons that can be gathered are Shield to protect oneself from Dinosaur’s attack, Sword, Pistol, Rifle, Machine gun or Mini gun that can kill dinosaurs. All weapons except the Sword require ammo to shoot and kill the Dinosaurs. You can collect Ammo along the way but beware of dinosaur stampede or stepping and falling into “Sudden Death” while you explore the terrains of Dino Game.

Only surviving through Level 1 Dino Game, players can then proceed to the next level in Fallen Kingdom.

In Fallen Kingdom, there are long-neck dinosaurs like Branchisaures lurking around and a huge swimming reptile from the Jurassic period called Mosasaurus waiting to swallow each player up. Dangers also await with fast moving dinosaurs like Indoraptors and the Valosarapters looking to attack each player. There are ladders to help you skip through each danger if you are lucky enough to climb through it. The first player to avoid all dangers and reach the finishing line wins the game!

Good Luck and have fun playing the game with friends or family!

Gameplay Rules and Instructions at the following link:


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